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Chikuraku ちくらく茶屋

June 29, 2018



 What? Okonomiyaki, yakisoba and Japanese dessert restaurant Chikuraku.


Where? Isohama-cho 7944, Oarai-machi, HIgashiibaraki-gun, Ibaraki Prefecture 311-1301/〒311-1301 茨城県東茨城郡大洗町磯浜町7944

11:30am~8:30pm. Closed Monday and Tuesday. 



Located close to Oarai Aquaworld Aquarium, Chikuraku specialises in 'okonomiyaki Japanese-style pancakes. Okonomiyaki are made from a light pancake batter filled with vegetables and meat or seafood and then topped with a sweet sauce, mayonnaise, seaweed and dried fish flakes.  The most popular option at Chikuraku is the mixed meat and seafood okonomiyaki but there are also seafood and vegetarian-friendly options such as spring onion. Chikuraku also serves yakisoba, Japanese-style noodle stirfry.  The vegetables and eggs used are produced locally while the okonomiyaki sauce is shipped from the Kansai region, the home of okonomiyaki. 

At Chikuraku, customers make their own food at the tables, making it a fun experience and perfect for groups. 


Unlike many other Japanese restaurants, Chikuraku also serves dessert in the form of 'anmitsu', a traditional dessert which includes ice cream, honey sauce, red beans, rice dumplings, jelly and fruit, perfect for the Japanese summer!




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